Spooks: Harry Pearce KBE, BAD*SS (S10, ep 4)

So did anybody else flail like a toddler locked in Toys ‘R’ Us at the end of that episode, or was it just me?…

Crisis of the week…
In this week’s impending doom two Islamic extremists who had just been released from prison are about to conduct a suicide mission. One of them, an English convert, is searching for a sense of belonging, and the other, Ashur, is an MI5 plant trying to prevent the attack for the last 2 years in return for the British government securing the safety of his daughter who is currently in Pakistan. Of course it all goes horribly wrong and the pair’s handler seems to know from the start that one of them has been consulting SpyMum™ Erin whilst incarcerated, who as a result also appears to be in danger. What ensues is one cock-up after another as the terrorists intercept Ashur’s daughter and then Erin’s before a showdown in Trafalgar Square where both parents are blackmailed into allowing the bomb to be detonated. Cue Calum the Tosser actually making himself useful and locating the whereabouts of the agent’s daughter with his magical techno-skills so Dimitri and his beautiful face can kick some terrorist arse and recover his colleague’s child just in the nick of time for Harry to give the order to ‘permanently disable’ both the bomb and sadly Ashur with a bullet right between the eyes.

On the whole this part of proceedings was incredibly predictable, with giant signposts from beginning to end that suggested Erin’s work/family balance would once again be called into question. However what it did feed into was that like other characters this series who’ve made sacrifices and who actually seem to be decent people, nevertheless they will pay a very high price. What’s different here is that their sacrifice did actually appear to make a difference. The young convert who came to his senses and whose eventual clarity of mind cost him his life, ironically, in a complete turnaround from his orignal mission actually contributed to the saving of numerous other lives. Ashur’s death similarly saved those within a 50 metre radius of the bomb padlocked to his chest, but it also spurned on the Home Secretary to bring his daughter to safety in the UK, something which the government had been covertly stalling as leverage until the attack had been neutralized. What seems to have been outlined here though is Erin’s (and by implication Harry’s) plight: do you continue to do what you believe in and put those you love at risk? Or do you protect them, walk away and put others at risk? I’m guessing the writers’ answer to this question remains to be seen.

Harry, Ruth and Cold War 2 (The difficult, lower-budget sequel)…
In the final scene this week which left me punching the air, the sh*t well and truly hit the proverbial fan as Sir Harry finally donned his cape and puts his underpants on over his trousers, vowing to take on Coaver, the CIA and their little dogs too. But first let’s start at the very beginning. The time had finally come for the Anglo-Russian deal to forge ahead which included sharing intelligence; something which, owing to their previous alliances, Harry and Illya Gavrik found about as appealing as being stuck in a submarine with a pack of flatulent dogs. However because of an air of mistrust still lingering between the two sides, part-time comedian and full-time Home Secretary, Towers, was determined to make the meeting ‘less sharey’, (surely infuriating Daily Mail readers for crimes against language), and so words were spoken across the table, but little was actually said.

What was shared though was a note between angsty Sasha and Ruth, evidently setting up a meeting between her and Harry and him and his mother to discuss ensnaring Coaver, who they believe was handling Elena under the guise of the Section Chief. The plan was to set up a meeting and then use Mrs Gavrik as the sitting duck to lure the CIA agent out of the woodwork, or in this case out of the bushes. What ensued was the Russian ambassador’s wife being shot at in a surprisingly deserted park, and rather conveniently not being hit by the same blonde woman Tariq had seen on the CCTV footage before he was murdered. Of course Harry was there to console his former love interest, much to Ruth’s dismay who after stamping her feet in the shrubbery, probably intended to go home and stick a needle or two in her voodoo doll/effigy of Elena. First though she went to meet Coaver, allegedly to warn him that Harry was paranoid about his involvement in bringing down the Anglo-Russian partnership, but in actual fact to find evidence that he was involved in the hit on Elena. After following him, this came in the form of the CIA agent jumping into the same car with diplomatic plates the would-be assassin had gotten out of back at the park. For Harry this was proof enough to pull his old ally out of a meeting with the Belgians and warn him that unless he hands himself over in the next 24 hours he’d be coming after him and the organisation he works for. Something wasn’t quite ringing true here for me. For one Coaver genuinely didn’t seem to know what Harry was talking about, and secondly why would Ruth warn him that her boss seemed to seeing ‘monsters under the bed’ that weren’t actually there? Either he’s extremely stupid or Harry convinced Ruth to make Coaver believe he was losing his marbles because it works as a massive diversionary tactic? If this is the case does he suspect that he is being used by Elena and is playing her at her own game? The truth is out there people.

So what of Harry, Ruth and their unending bundle of unresolved sexual tension and ‘feelings’? After being offered a job as an intelligence adviser to Towers, Ms Evershed finally got round to consulting Harry about it in a scene on the obligatory park bench, which made me want to bang their heads together and rush them off to the nearest registry office. The course of true love never did run smooth though and Ruth’s boss/long-term love interest told her to take the position, urging her to, “Go as soon as you can. I don’t want you involved in what’s coming”; a blatent admission that there are yet more skeletons in the cupboard aside from the illegitimate son and the former lover. Duh! Duh! Duh! *jazz hands*

Other things to note… 

  • In lieu of last series’ finale shouldn’t Harry be more careful about arranging meetings with colleagues on rooftops?
  • Dimitri + saving of child ——-> Ovaries exploding!
  • Nope still not buying into Erin. The whole line about her daughter being the ‘only person she’d never lied to’ sealed the deal for me. She’s a moley, moley, mole for either the Americans or the Russians. I’m guessing the former. Particularly horrible after Harry’s plea for her to consider staying. Just goes to show you can’t trust anyone these days even if they have a child and a mother.
  • After Towers’ response to her plea for Ashur’s daughter to be brought to safety it was clear that the dubious morality of her new position in politics isn’t exactly going to sit well with Ruth. This coupled with her being a spy who is no longer happy with secrets is making me rethink her becoming Harry’s successor. Hmmm….
  • Frankly I’m worried about the Russians and their glass house. Did somebody throw stones? :/
  • Calum the Tosser locked in a van for most of the episode – bliss!

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One Response to Spooks: Harry Pearce KBE, BAD*SS (S10, ep 4)

  1. Bridget says:

    Nope. You’re not alone. I totally squeed.

    I haven’t squeed that loud since he sliced open Mace’s arm with a beatific smile on his face.

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