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Spooks Finale: What makes a good spy?… (S.10, ep. 6)

           Fabulous performances from the two leads, plenty of twists and turns, and yet I can’t help but feel like the finale fell completely flat for a series that’s been an important part of the British … Continue reading

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Spooks: The Snog, the Tortoise and the Big Bang… (S 10, ep 5)

In this penultimate episode the tentative Anglo/American/Russian relationship finally took centre stage, as Harry went rogue and planted one on Ruth… Harry, the Gavriks and Coaver… The episode began with Sasha meeting Harry in his car to ask him what … Continue reading

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Spooks: Harry Pearce KBE, BAD*SS (S10, ep 4)

So did anybody else flail like a toddler locked in Toys ‘R’ Us at the end of that episode, or was it just me?… Crisis of the week… In this week’s impending doom two Islamic extremists who had just been … Continue reading

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Spooks: Dirty Dimitri and the Filthy Bomb… (S10, ep3)

So we were back on classic Spooks territory this week with the ‘dirrrrrty bomb’ plot rearing its head again… Devilish Dimitri and his wily ways with women… After Tariq’s demise was more or less brushed under the carpet, Greek God Dimitri ate … Continue reading

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