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Spooks: And another one bites the dust… (S10, ep.2)

               So that really happened then? Tariq the loveable, but socially inept Techno Geek met a ‘sticky’ end at the hands of a dubious, ‘not-as-clumsy-as-we-originally-thought’ stranger with what one can only presume was a … Continue reading

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Spooks: Harry’s back and he’s dirtier than ever… (S10, ep.1)

It’s back! ‘The Harry and Ruth Love’O’Meter’ in The Guardian (woo-hoo!), as well as the last ever series of the show that spawned it – Spooks. At this point in time, I have to say I’m feeling a little nostalgic. It was … Continue reading

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Inaugural Post!!!!

So here it is. The start. The beginning of something so beautiful monks will break their vows of silence just to extol it’s virtues. Mothers will let go of prams near clifftops or flights of stairs just so they can … Continue reading

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